2fcimpianti-azienda-12FC Impianti was born from the union between a professional editor and a designer and test pilot, both grew up in a company which operated for over twenty years in the field of painting and surface treatment machines.

The experience of almost twenty years foreman has gained both within our company, starting from the creation of machines and the design of the contracts, whether at the premises of the customer, install the equipment until final acceptance.
I have been so excluded all the various problems that could arise in the installation and use of the machines themselves, by the Customers.

The project follows more than a decade all that concerned the 'running of the system: the budget tailored to the needs of each customer, the implementation of executive projects, procurement of materials, the organization of transport until final assembly.
Also followed everything about the after sales support of plant and equipment, guiding clients in the management of spare parts of their request to delivery.

The plants produced from the collaboration are still fully functional and are operating in almost all over the world, even in developed countries with Japan, China, Mexico and Russia.
However, the demand for supply of spare parts and support is ongoing, as well as the design and construction of new plants.

Based on these assumptions and the strong personal relationship established with customers over the years of work, Members have taken the opportunity to open their own businesses that would meet the needs of existing customers.2fcimpianti-azienda-2