DRY BOX is one innovative and revolutionary cabin of fast drying realized with the exclusive technology long Wave Infra Red and a properly mixing recirculation and extractive air. LWIR is generated through innovative electrically-powered irradiating panels, protected by international patent, made with materials that maximize the efficiency of the product irradiance. Placed in specific positions inside the drying room, these panels permit the treatment of various types of product in extremely short times with absolute uniformity without the formation of cracks or other anomalies in the surface, making the products immediately available for the next steps in the working process.
The LWIR power irradiated on the products can be adjusted using the control thermoregulators. The complete automation of the working cycle makes therefore DRY BOX IR applicable to a big variety of painted manufactures, from wood to leather, glass, metal, paper and plastic. DRY BOX IR, moreover, can be real- ized with various dimensional configurations as planned for being modular, adapting therefore to all the specific requirements of the costumers.

Thanks to its property, our IR panels can be supplied with ATEX certification.