Impregnating machine SCORPION is a spraying machine studied and built for the application of impregnating products both solvent or water based, on wooden profiles and beams with square or rectangular section. Pieces are initially impregnated through the nebulization of the product and subsequently brushed in order to eliminate the surplus of primer. The profile will be introduced in the nebulization room and sprinkle with the impregnating solution.
In the second part of the system, the profile passes through two series, of which one series in nylon and one in natural fiber, of rotating brushes, positioned on the horizontal and vertical aces, that provide to uniform the treated surfaces. It turns out a treatment and a coloration homogenous on all the surfaces of the profile, without slobbers or spots.
The nebulizer nozzles are adjustable and equipped with individual closing to choose the surfaces to treat. The set of brushes is assembled on trolleys with screwed handwheel to allow to adjust the position. Impregnating that does not remain on the piece will be recovered and reused for the treatment, after having been filtrated, avoiding whichever waste.The main characteristic of this impregnating machine is the total absence of contact between the mechanical members and the product used for the treatment of the manufacture. This expedient make the impregnating machine sure and always operating as it does not need long and expensive maintenances. The impregnating machine is equipped with blow system for matchboard. Impregnating machine SCORPION can be supplied following the specific requirements of the customer.



  • Equipement with 6 brushes

    Equipement with 6 brushes

  • Equipement with 8 brushes

    Equipement with 8 brushes

  • Impregnatrice automatica EN3
  • Impregnatrice automatica EN4

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