Irradiation is a particular form of transmission of energy through electromagnetic waves" (infra-red rays) that is subsequently transformed into heat when it comes into Contact with any type of absorbent body. The energy travels at the speed of light and heats only the bodies that absorb it, not the air. Typical applications include the fast drying of wooden articles treated with water or solvent-based paints, ceramic articles following moulding or casting or the rapid drying of paints themselves applied to any support surface.

The long wave infrared rey (L.W.I.R. )is generated through innovative electrically-powered irradiating panels protected by international patent constructed with materials that maximise the efficiency of product irradiance, thereby obtaining elevated en- ergetic efficiency.

Positioned below and/or above and/or along- side the products to be treated, these panels permit the treatment of various types of product in extremely short times with absolute uniformity without the formation of cracks or other anomalies in the surface, in this way making the products immediately available for the next steps in the working process. Thanks to this property, our IR panels can be supplied with ATEX certification.

Main advantages of long wave infrared – L.W.I.R. technology

• Penetration of irradiation in products treated adjustable from a few micrometers to as many as a few centimetres;

• Specific irradiated power adjustable from a few Watts/sq m to over 5 kW/sqm
• Uniform simultaneous drying/thermal treatment in ail parts of the product, even products with complex workings;
• Rapid drying/thermal treatment;
• Elimination of problems created by cracking or irregular treatment responsible for defective products;
• Assured drying/thermal treatment process repeatability for all products even under different environmental conditions; •Remarkable reduction of space required for drying/thermal treatment process product storage;
• Rationalisation in the use of personnel assigned to various working phases;
• Significant reduction in total productive cycle times;
• The innovative system permits substantial savings in electric energy consumption (apart from the initial breakaway starting value) compared to traditional existing IR panel systems.