ATHENA 300/1 machine is was realised to mirror polishing surfaces after painting. It is made-up from a group of work which is composed of a ventilated cotton cloth brush that polishes the wooden surface and allows a perfect finishing. The regulation of the group is manual with an analogue.
The application fields where ATHENA 300/1 finds its use are various, for instance kitchen doors, matchboards, wooden floors, etc.
ATHENA 300/1 can also be used for other kinds of operations such as brushing, ageing, cleaning, waxing, etc., by simply replacing the internal brush.

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For high production, it is recommended ATHENA automatic version: the workpiece is placed with the forward / back option, and then subjected to several steps. The machine is also equipped with motorized rollers in at the entrance and exit, thus avoiding the constant presence of the operator during the polishing cycle.

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