This spray gun is used for many years, where it is necessary a low pressure spray. We have been taken care of the reliability and of the simplicity. The pneumatic part of the spray gun is clearly separated from the circuit with, an abrasive paste, so that in the absence of sealing gaskets, there are no leaks in the air area.

pistole a bassa pressione

The paint comes out from an orifice (nozzle) and it is hit by a series of air jets that cause the atomization into very small particles (few microns). Ideal in the most part of the sectors, the finishes for the wood industry, commercial vehicles and carpentry in general.

pistola a bassa pressione

Product pressure up to 3.5 bar and air pressure up to 6 bar.

  • Excellent atomization
  • High quality finish
  • Great Versatility with all painted products


pistola a bassa pressione


pistola ad alta pressione

The atomization is obtained by pumping high pressure of the fluid through an orifice (nozzle).

Recommended  for use on large surface areas or where high coating thicknesses are required

  • Produced up to 500 bar pressure.
  • High-speed application
  • High transfer efficiency
  • Excellent atomization with high viscosity products.

pistola ad alta pressione