reciprocatorThe reciprocating units REKA are normally fitted to automatic painting system to allow applying the paint without labour. A reciprocating units is a machine that allows automatic movements that the reciprocating unit can make. The working axis can be vertical, horizontal, in depth, pivoting, etc. For our specific use, i.e. painting window and doorframes and other similar parts, we normally use vertical axis reciprocating units, which are informed by reading bridge and thus make the right movements. The reading bridge is made of a row of photocells, which read the part that passes in front of them, then send the data to an electronic system that transmits it to the reciprocating unit which then makes the right movements when the part is in front of it.The reciprocating units are electronically controlled to establish the run, acceleration and deceleration f the ramps, any movements and translation speed; the final user can independently control all these data.


painting robot

The advantages offered by these machines are:

♦ chance of vertical painting even for large parts
♦ considerable increase in productivity
♦ no dead time
♦ more than one part can be hung on the same bar
♦ with 2 reciprocating units placed in front of each other, rotation is eliminated making application even faster