The water veil spray booths GOLD have been conceived exploiting contemporarily water and the filtering surfaces lodgeg inside to demolish the most quantity of the particle obtained in the phase of painting. The whole structure is in thick galvanized steel plate. The submerged electropump is contained in a special stainless steel bottle-holder which has the task to avoid that the same pump inhales some harmful material for its job, as possible wood pieces or solidified accumulations of varnish. This machine has been constructed to exploit the filtering surfaces to the utmost.



water veil spray booth



spray booth filters 1 - Frontal water wall – The water wall, positioned in the frontal part of the machine, is fed by a special diffusion tank. In conditions of optimal work it may demolish about 50% of the over-spray of atomizer.

2 - Filtering cells in fibreglass - A filtering stadium is made by filtering cells in fiberglass dresses with synthetic resins and treated with oil stickers and bactericidal agents. Their structure with increasing density in the sense of the flow of the air consents to have an elevated ability of accumulation.

3 - Filtering cells in polyester - Stadium of filtration with filtering cells in auto extinguished polyester. The ownership of this filter is the very high dust collection due to its structure made with the joining of three different layers among them. The first layer is polyester fibre laid in a random manner (NON WOVEN) that blocks the larger particles. The second layer is in fine needled polyester fibres, which block the medium sized particles. The third and final layer is a micro-net of  high resistance polyester, which has an anti-peeling action that blocks the remaining particles.