denibbing machine

Automatic sanding machine mod. ANTARES 4  is necessary for the automatic denibbing of tooled panels as kitchen and cabinet doors, door and pantographed panels, but also windows, frames and jalousies both on rough manufactures or water-based or solvent filler, intermediate, primer. The work process is controlled by a computer on board the machine provided with PLC, which allows to enter all data operating directly from the push-button panel on the electrical board.

Sanding machine mod. ANTARES 4 consists of two brushes which automatically adapt to the size of the window frame external ledges, to transversal brushes running crosswise, and two horizontal rollers, all at the top, which operates covering a working width of 1300 mm. These roll brushes are made with double grain strips. This allows the operator to insert the manifacture with the forward/ back option aand therefore perform denibbing in the forward cycle using one grain and in the return cycle using a finer grain to obtain a smoother frame.

To complete the deinibbing proceed, the manufacture must be overturned of 180° at the end of the forward/back phase. The crosswise movement of the tranversal and horizontal brushes and the automatic adjustment of the first horizontal roll to the different shape of manufacture, allow tools to work in all parts of the piece obtaining an excellent finishing. Sanding machine mod. ANTARES 4 is suitable for denibbing of polyturethane bases, fillers, waxes, lacquering paints, whether they are water or solvent based.




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Technical rapresentation of the internal operating structure of the panels denibbing machine mod. ANTARES 4