S 220 new

̀Manual denibbing machine mod. S 220 NEW allows the brushing of mounted fixtures, profiles and manufacture of various thicknesses up to 200 mm with with vertical brush, and thickness 110 mm with useful width 200 mm with horizontal brush.

brossage machine

The brush in realized with double emery-paper reeds, which allow the user to avail himself of two kinds of abrasive on the same manufacture. S 220 is also equipped with an inverter, which enables to increase or to reduce the revolutions of the electrical engine.

  spazzolatrice manuale per legno spazzolatrice manuale per legno

S220 NEW can be tilted making working operations easier.

This machine can also be used for other kinds of operations such as cleaning, polishing, waxing, brushing, etc., by simply replacing the internal brushes.

S 220 NEW, allows to obtain excellent results on all kinds of wood and on countless kinds of varnishing products, including polyurethane paints.

This manual denibbing machine can be employed both in the handicraft as primary brushing machine and in the industrial fields as complement machine.